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The best way to pay is with Pay-Pal. My account is lewisknives@gmail.com. With Pay-Pal I ship the knife as soon as Pay-Pal notifies me that the payment has been made. I will also accept a personal check but will not ship the knife till the check clears which may take at least two weeks. If you choose to pay with a personal check, please understand that it may be at least two weeks after I deposit the check before the bank tells me the check has cleared. I have found out how easy it is for someone to write a bad check so if you choose to pay with a personal check, please don’t start calling about when you will get your knife. I will ship your knife as soon as the Bank tells me it has cleared.


I use the United States Post Office for shipping. I use priority first class shipping. The price for that is $10.00 and has $50.00 insurance. If you want 100.00 insurance, add $2.65. If you want $200.00 insurance, add $3.35. For $300.00 insurance, add $4.40. For $400.00 insurance, add $5.55. For $500.00 insurance add $6.70. For $600.00 insurance, add $9.15. Insurance is your responsibility. If the knife gets lost in the mail (which has never happened to me) and it’s not insured for the full value of the knife, that is the customer’s loss, not mine.


If you are dissatisfied with the knife for any reason you may return it within 3 weeks for a full refund as long as the knife has not been damaged. If you choose to make any modifications to the knife then it will NOT be able to be returned.

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Knives made by Thomas R. Lewis


Scroll down to see the knives currently for sale. Some of these knives may be on consignment at the local sporting goods store, and may have sold. If interested, send me an e-mail and I will let you know if I still have the knife.  Click here for ordering information.  For information about the construction of my knives and of my history of knife making click here.  Click here for a sample of knives already sold.

All knives come with handmade sheaths .

I have not listed my phone number. I am hard of hearing and don’t like to talk on the phone. I do check my e-mail several times a day so that is the way to communicate with me.

Not responsible for typographical errors.  Prices subject to change without notice. All content Copyright 2020 Thomas R. Lewis, all rights reserved.

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